BP Titans II Information

BP Titans II will be run completely online on Saturday November 6, 2021 in two flights from 11 AM ET to 3 PM ET and 4 PM ET to 8 PM ET. You can find out everything you need to know below. You can also return to the BP Titans II Registration page or check out some Sample Questions that were used in previous tournaments.

Game Format:

  1. Toss-Ups: Each game will consist of 20 pyramidal toss-up questions (clues that range from roughly 100 to 150 words that become progressively easier as they are read). Correct answers are worth 10 points; incorrect interruptions are -5 points. Once you buzz in, you will have 5 seconds to answer and you cannot consult your teammates. Once an incorrect answer is given by someone on your team, your team is not allowed to respond again until the next toss-up question. “Powers” will be awarded if you correctly answer before a pre-determined spot in the question; “Powers” are worth 15 points instead of 10. 
  2. Follow-Ups: In this format, when a team correctly answers a toss-up question, they are given a 10 point follow-up bonus question; with this question, the entire team can consult each other to come up with an answer. Teams will have approximately 10 seconds to come up with an answer after the follow-up bonus question has been read in its entirety. The follow-up question will be related to the toss-up answer line in some way.
  3. The team with the highest score, after all 20 toss-up questions have been read, will be the winner of the match. In the case of a tie, a tiebreaker toss-up will be read. An incorrect interruption on a tiebreaker toss-up results in an immediate win for the other team. If either team scores points on the tiebreaker question, they will be victorious in the match.

Tournament Structure:

  1. Preliminary Rounds: For rounds 1-3, each team will be placed into a preliminary group of 4 teams and will compete in Round Robin matches with the other teams in their group. After Rounds 1-3, our top teams will be slotted into a playoff bracket for rounds 4-7, with other teams being slotted into a consolation bracket.
  2. Seeding the Brackets: Rankings/seeds at the end Round Robin play will be determined by, in order, Win/Loss record, Total Points, Point Differential, Head to Head record, and then, if necessary, a Coin Flip.
  3. Playoff Rounds: Both the playoff bracket & the consolation bracket for rounds 4-7 will be a single elimination tournament. Every team will play in these matches and therefore we will be able to determine a definitive rank of every single team with complete, compiled scores, points, individual/team statistics, etc.
  4. Rankings/Winners: The last remaining undefeated team in the playoff bracket will be crowned the BP Titans II champion! Each other team will be given a rank due to how they finished, with tie-breaker rules determining their final standings.

Logistics (When/Where/How):

  1. The tournament will run in two flights from 11:00 AM ET to 3:00 PM ET and from 4:00 PM ET to 8:00 PM ET on Saturday November 6, 2021. Each team will be playing in one of the two flights.
  2. Matches will be contested over Discord with a moderator and both teams on the call. Here is the link to the Discord server: https://discord.gg/j3AUNQN
  3. We will be using Buzzman, BPtrivia's state-of-the-art online quiz buzzer, to use for buzzing during competitive play.
  4. A Discord server will be available for players to communicate with tournament moderators and other players/teams for organizational purposes. Any news or important information on the day of the tournament will be available here. All other communication will be done through email. You will receive more information about the Discord server in an email sent out some time in October, after your registration has been received.

Gameplay Rules:

  1. Each toss-up will range from roughly 100 to 150 words, becoming progressively easier as it is read.
  2. Teams may buzz in to answer the question at any point after the toss-up has started being read. When the toss-up is done being read, either team will have approximately 3 seconds to buzz in and attempt to respond correctly before the moderator will announce the answer and call the question dead. There is no penalty to buzz in and guess after a toss-up has finished reading.
  3. Correct answers on toss-up questions are worth 10 points each. “Powers” will be awarded if you correctly answer before a pre-determined spot in the question; “Powers” are worth 15 points instead of 10.
  4. Incorrect interruptions on toss-up questions are -5 points; there is no -5 point penalty for supplying an incorrect answer once the toss-up has finished being read or after the other team has already been given a -5 penalty (i.e. no toss-up can give both teams a -5). This -5 penalty will be verbally given by the moderator as “neg five” or “minus five”.
  5. Once you buzz in, you will have 5 seconds to answer and you cannot consult your teammates. If you consult your teammates or your teammate offers input to you, you will be given a -5 penalty, as if you responded incorrectly. 
  6. Once an incorrect response is given by someone on your team, your team is not allowed to respond again until the next toss-up question.
  7. Whenever a player answers a tossup question correctly, their team earns the chance to immediately hear the follow-up bonus question (except in tiebreakers).
  8. If a question contains an error, or if rules were not followed as outlined, a “protest” may be placed by the team affected by this. Protests will be resolved at the end of the match and only if it can and/or would affect the outcome of the match.
  9. In the case of a mistake in a question or in the course of resolving a protest, a replacement toss-up question may be read. 
  10. If the result of a replacement question could not change the winner of the game, then the replacement question will not be read/used.
  11. When a players offers a response, they are allowed to fix or change their response (if they misspoke or gave what they believe to be an incorrect response) as long as the moderator has not yet ruled against them. As soon as a moderator rules against a response, it is counted as an incorrect response.
  12. If a question requires more or less information than was supplied, but the supplied information was still somewhat correct, a player may be "prompted" for more or less information by the moderator, in which case the moderator will say something like "prompt" / "I need more or "anti-prompt" / "I need less"
  13. Any potential, rare situations not detailed in the previously stated rules will be handled at the best discretion of BPtrivia. If you have any questions about the tournament format, rules, match logistics, question content, specific situations, anything really, email Bill at bill@bptrivia.com.

NOTE: Do NOT spoil/share any material in this tournament to anyone. Due to potentially large interest, this tournament may be mirrored in the future for anyone who did not get to participate in it the first time around.