The BPtrivia Championship Series (or “BPCS”) is a daily trivia game and the newest addition to BPtrivia’s slate of quizzes.


Each day of the BPCS consists of 7 trivia questions of varying difficulty.  Quizzes run Monday through Friday on the first three weeks of every month, beginning on the first Monday of the month.  Each set of 3-week quizzes is called a split.

Quizzes will be graded within 12 hours of their time of closing. After the first quiz, quizzes will open subsequently, only after the previous quiz has been graded and scored.


Each question’s value is determined by its difficulty: the three easiest questions are worth 100 points each, the next three easiest are worth 200 points each, and the hardest question is worth 300 points.  Difficulty is calculated retroactively.  For example, the question that received the least correct answers will be worth 300 points.  If there are any ties in difficulty, a question will be selected at random to be considered "more difficult."

Additionally, each player receives a doubler for each match; you’ll assign your doubler to a question in the quiz, and you will receive double points for that question if you get it correct. If you assign your doubler to a question that you get incorrect, you’ll be awarded no points for that question.

Each match day of the BPCS will be worth a maximum 1500 points. You’ll earn 1500 points if you get every question correct and you correctly assign your doubler to the set’s most valuable question (i.e. the most difficult question).

  • 300 (x2)
  • 200
  • 200
  • 200
  • 100
  • 100
  • 100

The Championship Series

After each match day, you’ll earn ranking points based on your performance, which will help you as you attempt to climb the ranks. Each player begins as a "Provisional" player and will be placed into an appropriate "Column" based on their performance during their first Split. Players who participated in the Championship Series during 2020 will be assigned a "Column" based on their 2020 performance. Your Column badge is visible on the BPCS dashboard, and you'll be able to find your name on your Column's respective leaderboard.

At the end of each month's Split, the top 20% of players in each Column will climb to the next level, while the bottom 20% of players in each Column will move down to the previous level. If you do not participate in any match during a given Split, you will be moved to the "Provisional" column to be resorted after you complete a Split.

The top player in the Omega Column will be crowned the Split Champion for that month and will participate in an End-of-the-Year live BPCS finale (The BP Championship, if you will). Players who have already won Splits will have a Crown next to their name to indicate their victory. If there is a tie for Split Champion during any given month, all players who tied will qualify for the BP Championship. If the winner of a given Split has already secured their place in the BP Championship, the next player down will earn the honor of Split Champion (and if that player has already secured their place... and so on). 

Play as many days as you can to earn points and see just how far you can climb the BPCS column ranks. Good luck!

Rules updated April 24, 2021.