The BPtrivia Finals Tournament

Twice a year, BPtrivia will be hosting a Trivia Tournament for our live trivia teams. These tournaments will be held on a weekend in mid-April & mid-October. This Tournament will have a top prize of $1,000 CASH!

Past Winners:

Season 1 (Dec. 2021): Bark Twice If You're in Milwaukee

Season 2 (June 2022): Dave Martinez School of Management

Season 3 (Dec. 2022): Dave Martinez School of Management

Season 4 (June 2023): Exeunt Pursued by Cocaine Bear

Season 5 (Dec. 2023): I Love You, Dr. Zaius

Season 6 (April 2024): The Cheese Curd Army

Frequently Asked Questions:

HOW DO I QUALIFY?: For each of the months leading up to the Tournament, one team from each of our venues will "win the month" and claim their qualifying spot in the first round of Playoffs; teams will "win the month" by accumulating the most total points among all teams for a given month. Teams must play every game during that month to "win the month". If no team plays every game for a month, then no team will qualify for said month. These qualifiers will take place from April-August for our Summer Season and from October-February for our Winter Season. A certain number of teams (based on participation) will be invited to the BPtrivia Finals tournament; total Finals qualifiers will be announced at the end of the Playoff round.

CAN I PLAY IN THE TOURNAMENT IF I DIDN'T WIN A MONTH?: You, individually, may join up with any team that qualified for the tournament but there is no way to qualify your own team without "winning the month" at a venue.

HOW MANY TEAMS QUALIFY?: Each of the five months (October thru February for the Winter Season; April thru August for the Summer Season) will have One Monthly Qualifier from each of our venues. So, the number of teams that qualify for the Postseason will be a maximum of 5 x the Total # of Venues that host BPtrivia Live*.

WHAT IF I'VE ALREADY QUALIFIED FOR THE PLAYOFFS?: If a team that wins a given month has already earned their Playoff Invite, then the invite will be passed down to the next highest scoring team who has not earned an invite and has played every game that month.

If you have any questions about how the BPtrivia Finals will work or how to qualify, feel free to email Bill at Hopefully we'll see you playing Live Trivia with us soon!

* - If no team plays every game in a month at a venue, then that venue will have no Monthly Qualifier.