How to Play

The BP Blitz is an experimental new trivia format from BPtrivia!

The BP Blitz is a timed quiz. When you press the Start the BP Blitz button, your timer will officially start. This timer runs on the server-side, so it can't be stopped or manipulated in your browser.  Simply enter your answers in the text box below each question, and press the submit button to lock in your answers.  Usually, the BP Blitz is a 5 minute quiz.  You cannot save your answers on the BP Blitz, so make sure you complete it in one sitting. If your timer runs out, you may still continue to play the quiz and submit, but you will not receive any time bonus points. 



The BP Blitz will use a combination of speed & accuracy to score your quiz:

  • There are 16 questions on the BP Blitz.
  • +10,000 points for each correct answer.
  • +1 points for each hundredth of a second left on your clock when you submit.
  • Scoring examples:
    • 16/16 with 0 seconds left: 160,000 points (160,000 (10,000 x 16 correct answers) + 0 points (1 x 0 hundredths of a second remaining) = 160,000)
    • 15/16 with 2 minutes left: 162,000 points (150,000 (10,000 x 15 correct answers) + 12,000 points (1 x 12,000 hundredths of a second (or 120 seconds or 2 minutes) remaining) = 162,000)
    • 10/16 with 4 minutes left: 124,000 points (100,000 (10,000 x 10 correct answers) + 24,000 points (1 x 24,000 hundredths of a second (or 240 seconds or 4 minutes) remaining) = 124,000)

The time recorded for your BP Blitz is a measure of the time elapsed from when your quiz is first opened, to when we receive your answers after your submission.  For this reason, the time shown on your timer when you click submit may not be 100% accurate due to server latency.  The time shown after submission is your official time.

As of December 2022, any player who submits a Blitz after the allotted time has elapsed will rank lower than players who submitted within the time limit.


Blitz-Specific Rules

Although we will be fairly lenient on grading misspelled answers on the blitz (because of how quickly it plays), you shouldn't get into a habit of abbreviating, misspelling, or going so quickly that you don't supply an acceptable answer. Whether or not an answer that isn't 100% gets accepted will be completely up to BPtrivia. Try your best to make sure the answers you submit are accurate enough to be scored as correct. NOTE: only abbreviations in general usage will be accepted; we will judge how universally-known the abbreviation you use is. You can also just not abbreviate answers to be safe!


Available BP Blitzes are always listed on the quizzes page.  Good luck!

Want to submit your own Blitz quiz? You can propose a quiz topic for the upcoming season here.