BP Titans Complete

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in BP Titans!

This past weekend we ran our inaugural edition of BP Titans, an online pop culture buzzer-style trivia tournament. It was a huge success as 32 teams competed against each other to be crowned the Titans of BPtrivia. After a trivia-packed day of competition, a few of our teams rose to the top as Neutral MILF Hotel claimed the title of BP Titans champions, defeating Can't Stop Us Meow in the final match.

To all of our participating players & teams, thank you so much for playing. This could not have been possible without the incredible amount of interest and support we got from everyone involved, so thanks again! A big shoutout to Patrick McKinney, Andy Kravis, Scott McVicker, David Gould, and Adam Fine, our moderators; another shoutout to our writing staff which included kira pace, Brandon Blackwell, and Brandon Cunningham, and a final shoutout to Brandon Cunningham, our tournament director.

We received a lot of positive feedback from the tournament and we hope to do this again soon. You can view final standings and statistics here.