BPtrivia v1.3.5 - Quiz on Demand Beta Testing!

Greetings Quizzers!

We're excited to announce the beta phase of the BPtrivia Quiz on Demand!

The QOD feature allows users to generate a quiz from BPtrivia's question database, instantly share it with friends, and see results on a private quiz leaderboard. Quizzes can be customized with a variety of options including difficulty, category, and original quiz type. Users can even filter out questions they've already submitted (as part of a BP100, Blitz, Special, or BPCS Match) to generate a fresh set!

The QOD Beta is only available to BP+ subscribers at this time; plans for a full rollout will be released at a later date. Our BP+ members can start generating quizzes here: https://www.bptrivia.com/qod

This is a true Beta test - so we're sure there will be bugs uncovered and features requested. Feel free to reply to this comment or send Colin an email (colin@bptrivia.com) with your thoughts!

Thanks and good luck!