Greetings quizzers,

This month we have a slew of updates slated - including a fun new auto-generated, sharable quiz. In the meantime, here's a couple of things we changed this weekend in preparation for April's BPCS split:

  • Due to a balancing issue, we decided to promote all Alpha members to Gamma.  This resulted in a slightly inflated Gamma column this month, and a smaller-than-usual Alpha column. The relegation/promotion system will get these columns back to a natural balance in a month or two.
  • New players in the BPCS will no longer be placed in a 'provisional' column - these players will be inserted directly into Alpha.  Since our 2-color system was implemented earlier this year, it takes much less time for a high-tier player to reach Omega from Alpha, which was our concern and the purpose of a 'placement' column in the first place.
  • Players who have not played in a single game in an entire BPCS split will be put on hold. They will not be visible on leaderboards until they submit a quiz again, at which point they will be placed in the column they last played in.
  • Players with a score of 0 after the first day of the BPCS split will not be shown on leaderboards and they will not be considered part of the column until they submit a quiz.
  • Fixed a bug where new players were not shown on the BPCS leaderboards.

Remember to visit the BPtrivia Dashboard or BPCS Dashboard to get started on the April split!

Later this month, we'll be unveiling our new dynamic quiz format, where you'll be able to generate a quiz (of BPtrivia questions you haven't played yet), share it with your friends, and compete in real-time with one another!  Stay tuned.

Thanks for playing,